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You Decide
Season 8, Episode 7
Air date 3 May 2009
Written by Kate Wincup
Directed by Nick Wood
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Janet returns home to find Gaz absent. When he returns, she tells him when she went to surgery, she held hands with Wesley all night. Gaz lets slip that he slept with Donna the previous night, and Janet throws him out. Gaz decides he wants Janet, but at Donna's he decides he loves her too. Meanwhile, Louise meets Scott, a former member of the boy band "R-Soul," whose surname turns out to be Chegg. Wesley and Janet go to Gaz's flat to sort things out, only to find him and Donna in bed having obviously just had sex. Both women put him on the spot, insisting that he choose between them.[25]

Notes: The episode was originally listed as "R Soul". On its first airdate, the episode was followed by "The Love Triangle", a documentary narrated by Fearne Cotton, to set up the viewers' poll to decide who should be Gaz's choice; the cast and Susan Nickson reviewed the characters and their various relationships over the preceding eight series.

Reception: This episode was watched by 580,000 viewers