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When Jonny Met Sharky
Season 7, Episode 1
Air date 13 January 2008
Written by Susan Nickson
Directed by Nick Wood
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When Janet Killed Jonny

Synopsis: Jonny is away in Hawaii, having won a competition to go shark-jumping. Meanwhile, Donna and Janet decide they need jobs and end up competing for the position of barmaid at the reopened Archer. The new bar manager, Tim, has changed the Archer into a theme pub, and although the theme is John Barrowman, it initially looks exactly the same as before. Louise decides that her squeaky voice is not helping her, and resolves to do something about it. Gaz would like to do something as exciting as Jonny, and tries several stunts. At the end of the episode, Janet receives a chilling telephone call from Hawaii explaining that Jonny has been eaten by a shark.[7]

Production: The episode was broadcast live and opened with a shot of the studio control room before showing the studio itself; only three sets were used- Gaz & Donna’s flat, The Archer, and Janet and Jonny’s living room, although some exterior shots were used as links. At the end, the cast took their bows to the studio audience. Notes:

  • When Gaz asks why anyone would want to water-ski over a shark, Janet replies with The Fonz's catchphrase “Aaay!”, underlining the reference to Happy Days.
  • There are references in the narrative to the fact that the episode is being broadcast live; Tim refers to the programme which actually followed the initial broadcast, and Janet comments on what she has just seen on BBC Three.
  • Gaz is seen emulating Evel Knievel, recreating Malcolm Hardee’s “balloon dance” and attempting fire eating.
  • In the karaoke scene, Donna sings "Chick Chick Chicken", which was a UK hit record for Natalie Casey when she was three years old; Donna says that she is going to "release [it] as a 12-inch drum and bass remix".

Reception: 897,000 viewers watched the live broadcast and a further 291,000 the later repeat, giving the show its highest ever rating.