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When Janet Met Michelle
Season -, Episode -
Air date 8 March 2009
Written by Susan Nickson & Tim Dawson
Directed by Nick Wood
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Synopsis: The various characters decide to gather at The Archer for Timothy Claypole's Comic Relief fun night of fun fundraiser; Tim calls everyone he knows and claims he is "more popular than Birkenstocks at a lesbian wake." Donna is seen in a green screen Piccadilly Circus, agreeing to return to Runcorn for Timothy Claypole's fun night of fun. Tim's contest consists of three events: a "bitch-off"; a "drink-off"; and a "flirt-off."


  • This was a curtain raiser for the new series and a one-off special for Comic Relief, bringing together "Two Pints.." and two other BBC Three comedies: Coming of Age and Grownups.
  • The title sequence was re-edited to include newer material and to superimpose the Comic Relief Red Nose.
  • Joe Pasquale appears in a cameo role, as does a cardboard cut-out of Jeremy Clarkson frequently used in Coming of Age.
  • In Janet and Michelle's initial appearance together, split screen techniques are used, but after this, a body double (Rachel Marwood) is used.
  • Michelle briefly sings "My Heart Will Go On" in reference to Janet's rendition in the episode "Near, Far."
  • Will Mellor has said that the language was toned down to suit a younger audience.
  • The Song "Stop Thinking, Start Drinking reappeared during the show along with a short of the song "I've Got My Lovely Crunchy Biscuits"[18]

Reception: The episode was watched by 688,000 viewers.