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When Janet Killed Jonny
Season 6, Episode 10
Air date 30 April 2006
Written by Susan Nickson
Directed by Nick Wood
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When Jonny Met Sharky

The group break into The Archer, despite a curse which states that everyone who enters will be killed by the thing they love the most. Kelly is suffocated by crisp packets, Louise saws her own head off after sawing into her own leg and bashing herself in the head with a hammer, Donna gets chopped in two trying to break through the glass ceiling, Gaz is crushed by Donna’s legs and Jonny is consumed by a giant Jammie Dodger. Janet isn’t seen being killed, but as she tries to escape, she is pulled back into the building by the rest of her friends. Janet then wakes up finding it all to have been a dream. However, she turns her head away from Jonny and when she turns back to look his head is a giant Jammie Dodger....


  • Last appearance of Jonny Keogh (Ralf Little), although mentioned later in the series
  • This episode is not canon, as all characters (minus Jonny Keogh) re-appear in the next series, with no mention of these events.
  • This is the first and only episode in the entire series not to have a studio audience.