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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Wesley Presley
Gender Male
Job Market Trader
Actor Thomas Nelstrop
First Candle
Last Waiting For Gaz

Wesley is Donna's London boyfriend whom she met off-screen during series 7; a business-man turned market trader, he moves to Runcorn in series 8 to be with Donna, demanding that she divorces Gaz. But after advice from Gaz as to how to integrate into the culture of Runcorn, he takes it all too seriously and is tasered by Janet. He gives Janet a job on his market stall, selling Val Doonican CDs and other things. He appears in the musical special of Two Pints, where he states that he "came here [to Runcorn] with Donna, but he stays for the pasties." He is apparently a father (though Donna isn't aware of this fact). By series 9, Wesley has left Runcorn and it's assumed he went back to London after Donna got back with Gaz.