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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Tim Claypole
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Bar Manager
Actor Luke Gell
First When Johnny Met Sharky
Last This Is Your Life

Tim Claypole (who shares his name with the mischievous and delightfully camp jester Timothy Claypole from the 1980s kids' TV show Rentaghost) is the new bar manager of The Archer at the start of Series 7. He turns it into a theme pub, although the only evidence of the John Barrowman theme is a single framed photograph. He temporarily employs Janet as a barmaid before hiring Donna, who soon takes over his position as manager. Although appearing to be gay, he maintains that he is happily married to a rugby-playing wife named Helena, and has children. In series 8 Tim is more involved with the gang in helping solve their problems such as telling Donna to stay away from Gaz, to move on with her new boyfriend Wesley and to let Gaz start his new life with Janet & Corinthian. By series 9, Tim has given the Archer a make-over and has made peace with his best friends Gaz and Donna, but then his younger sister Cassie arrives into his life and causes chaos. With the arrival of his sister and all the changes in his life, Tim reveals that Helena has left him and he is gay. He later meets a new love intrest.