Two Pints OF Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Wiki
Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Munch Wilkinson
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Job Mechanic
Actor Lee Oakes
First Munch
Last Borry

"Munch" (whose real name is never revealed) appears one day at the garage where Gaz works, and turns out to be his long-lost half-brother. Gaz discovers that he's "a bit of a yoghurt" and is not allowed to hang around people too much. Munch would love to have a girlfriend but has to make do with the 'girl with sick on her' every Friday night. He develops a fixation for Donna after stumbling across her waiting for Gaz while wearing her kinky nurse's outfit. His attempts to attract women are usually unsuccessful due to his social ineptness- he once asked a "desperate" woman in The Archer if she'd like to "see his knob". He did, however, have a very brief relationship with Kelly the barmaid. Munch likes Vimto (according to him it is "big, clever and purple, like the prime minister" and "a really mellow high" - believing it to be alcoholic), salt and vinegar chipsticks, brown sauce and stale bread sandwiches. He often calls Gaz "Mr Wilkinson", and claims that he has "Munch magic", and it appears his sole talent is to make defunct car engines work. Munch disappears after the series 5 episode "Fat", but returns in series 7, appearing to have found God while in Birmingham. An irate Gaz forces him to drink a glass of Vimto and he reverts to the Munch of old. In the last episode of series 7, he helps Louise give birth to a baby girl in the Archer, and is led to believe the baby is called "Louise Munch Brooks", when the child is actually called "Louise Louise Brooks". He does not appear in series eight or nine and his whereabouts or what happend to him was never mentioned.