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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Jonny Keogh
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Job Unemployed
Actor Ralf Little
First Fags, Shags And Kebabs
Last When Janet Killed Jonny

Born 30 June 1981[2], Jonny is a devoted husband to Janet Smith.

He loves daytime television (especially Through the Keyhole, LK Today, This Morning and As Time Goes By), eating cat food as he "just can't resist those meaty chunks in jelly", desiccated coconut, carpets (because they're "nice"), egg butties, Bovril[3] and his six o'clock sandwich. He has a fetish for biscuits - mostly Jammie Dodgers but cannot decide whether Kit Kats are a chocolate or a biscuit. Jonny's obsession for biscuits is shown in many episodes; when he is trying to teach his son Corinthian to talk he keeps saying "Garibaldi" repeatedly hoping he will repeat it. When this does not work he tries using the word "Bourbon" as he decides that an English word would be easier for Corinthian and it is a minute or so before he realises that the Bourbons are French.

Jonny is a keen fan of Liverpool FC, has a secret obsession with the film Titanic and also enjoys cartoons such as ThunderCats[4] and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as he watched them as a child. Despite being married to Janet and having a son, Jonny frequently struggles to deal with his feminine side (according to Janet his "big cockmunching side"); Jonny nearly punches Janet when she calls him "a big gay" after she began to push him around because she was sick of it.

Sheridan Smith has said that Susan Nickson intended Jonny to become more gay as time passed, but Ralf Little was not keen on this; however he went along with it. Nickson herself claims that she was only exposing Ralf's "latent homosexuality".[5] Jonny is unemployed throughout the series except for brief periods of time and once describes himself to Gaz as a "lazy gobshite", for a time receiving more on Jobseeker's Allowance than Donna earns. He is killed off-screen in the first episode of Series 7, "When Jonny met Sharky". Following his death, Janet has an odd stone-like form of his body made, and still has the head in her home.