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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Janet Keogh
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Job Baker
Actor Sheridan Smith
First Fags, Shags And Kebabs
Last Waiting For Gaz

Born 25 June 1982, Janet has GCSEs in P.E. and Home Economics and is the homely girl of the group who loves "things that go bleep bleep", Cheeky Vimto, cigarettes, Coronation Street and - unlike Jonny - rich tea biscuits. Janet initially works in Sayers' (Hampson's) Bakery until she beats Donna for the position of manager of The Archer, shortly before it is closed down by Health and Safety inspectors. Janet and Jonny are together from Series 1 and she has always tried to remain loyal to him. However, she kisses her ex-boyfriend Andy outside the Archer during Series 2, only to be caught by Gaz and Louise; when engaged to Jonny she realises that she doesn't love him any more and dumps him. This leads to jealousy when Jonny finds a new girlfriend, Kate. During this time, Janet has a one night stand with Gaz after both are feeling unloved, but are discovered by Louise; she later reveals this during a flashback. Janet manages to persuade Jonny to go back to her and they marry in Series 5. She later gives birth to a child, "Corinthian McVitie Keogh".[6] In Series 7, Jonny's death affects her greatly and her sense of loss results in her attempting to seduce Gaz's half-brother Munch; she also allows Louise to move in with her. Eventually she realises that she loves Gaz, and Donna's departure for London leaves them together. However, at the end of the eighth series, Gaz chooses to be with Donna over Janet. By series 9, after Gaz wakes up from his year long coma, Janet has taken Corinthian and moved away to Milton Keynes.