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Here Burns The Bride
Season 7, Episode 5
Air date 17 February 2008
Written by Kate Wincup
Directed by Nick Wood
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Dead Jonny Walking
Six Months Later

Donna and Gaz have their wedding but since Janet has organised it, the decorations are completely Jonny-centric. Louise advises Janet to throw out some of Jonny’s things in order to get over her loss. Janet shows a box of Jonny’s old love letters to Louise, who finds a letter from the hospital addressed to Jonny. Janet takes most of Jonny’s possessions to the charity shop where she reveals to Donna that she actually isn’t coping well with her loss. Louise decides to keep the letter a secret as it reveals that Jonny had had a DNA test which showed that he was not Corinthian’s father; however, she shows it to Gaz. Meanwhile, Janet becomes interested in Munch.