Two Pints OF Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Wiki
Season 8, Episode 2
Air date 22 March 2009
Written by Kate Wincup
Directed by Nick Wood
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Flan Van

Gaz decides he will be "the best dad ever" to Corinthian. He dresses in flat cap, thick-rimmed glasses and comfortable sweater, and tries his parenting skills out on Tim. Meanwhile Louise is having some difficulty with her baby and seeks help from Janet. Donna returns from London for a visit and wants to move back, possibly with Wesley. Gaz goes to court to seek an order for parental responsibility, but arrives back home thinking his application has been rejected. He and Janet confront the judge, who says she will approve him. Wesley arrives, but is patronising towards the group and insulting to Runcorn. Donna decides to move back home.