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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Flo Henshaw
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Actor Beverley Callard
First Spunk
Last Schluballybub

Flo Henshaw (13 January 1959 - 1 January 2005) is Donna's mother, and nicknames herself "the thinking man's strumpet". She has also modelled for top shelf magazines such as 'Readers Wives' and 'Pregnant Mums', being unashamedly keen on sex. Early in the series, she shows interest in Gaz, who finds this worrying, and on one occasion is caught by Jonny in suspicious circumstances with Janet's father. However, she offers Donna useful advice when things are not going well with Gaz. She does not appear in series 4 (Callard had by this time returned to her role in Coronation Street), and by the start of series 5 she has been killed in a traffic accident. Donna finds out that all the "uncles" she had were actually Flo's lovers. Flo is still mentioned throughout the series after her death and in series 5 Donna moved back to her mum's home after briefly splitting with Gaz before selling it at the end of the series.