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Flan Van
Season 8, Episode 3
Air date 29 March 2009
Written by Tim Dawson
Directed by Nick Wood
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Janet is mugged by a youth. To prove she is tough enough to look after herself, applies for a job as a Community Support Officer. Wesley tries to persuade Donna to move back to London; Gaz advises him that he can win Donna over by being more explicit in public. Meanwhile Louise is looking for a father for Louise Louise so she doesn't have to do all the work. Donna has decided to move back to London with Wesley but when she tells him this, she is annoyed by his new mannerisms. Janet messes up her interview but rescues the situation by explaining the mugging. Wesley tells Donna he will stay in Runcorn, but only if she divorces Gaz. She agrees and tells Gaz that she wants a quick divorce.