Ello Ello
Season 8, Episode 4
Air date 5 April 2009
Written by Tim Dawson
Directed by Nick Wood
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Janet starts her job as a CSO, but finds it hard to establish her authority. Gaz offers her a taser, but she is not keen on using it. Louise is still coming to terms with being a mother. Wesley seeks Gaz's advice about the culture of Runcorn. Donna and Gaz get their divorce papers through, but such a break makes them both reconsider; reminiscing, they wonder if they've made the right decision. Meanwhile Wesley lets slip to Louise that he already has a child. Janet decides that she needs to arrest somebody to gain self-confidence in her job, and it turns out to be Wesley, who has taken Gaz's advice all too completely. Unfortunately, she tasers him, and is arrested herself.

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