Two Pints OF Lager And A Packet Of Crisps Wiki
Season 5, Episode 4
Air date 23 January 2005
Written by Susan Nickson
Directed by Gareth Carrivick
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Potato People

Jonny buys a car and gets driving lessons from Gaz. Louise tries to force Jonny into publicly forgiving her for the shooting by threatening him with the destruction of his car. Jonny gives her new dress to a charity shop, so she gets his car crushed. Donna leaves Gaz and tries to go to Ecuador on her own, but Gaz takes her passport. Janet tries to persuade Donna not to go, but she is determined. As a gesture of goodwill, Janet returns Donna’s passport to her, which makes Donna think that Janet wants her to go, and as a result Donna decides to stay.