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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Donna Wilkinson
Gender Female
Actor Natalie Casey
First Fags, Shags And Kebabs
Last This Is Your Life

Donna Louise Henshaw was conceived in a Ford Capri and born in 1980; after a long relationship she marries Gaz Wilkinson. She has a GCSE in Music, and is the brazen, sexually precocious one of the group. She dislikes vegetarian students and thin people who diet (however, she very much disliked Gaz when he was fat). She is also known to have a vicious temper, and once killed an ex-boyfriend's budgie. Donna has a younger sister, Katie, and an estranged younger brother, Dion; there's apparently another younger, unnamed brother who is only seen in the episode "Spunk". Her mother Flo, to whom she was very close, dies after being run over by a truck. She is estranged from her father. Donna is employed for a time by O'Connor's Plastics selling buckets, rising to become a very well-paid executive until she is sacked after stealing and crashing a company van. Donna and Gaz briefly split after Donna finds out that Gaz had a one night stand with best friend Janet; she then goes to great lengths to hide the fact she still has feelings for him including considering plastic surgery and convincing herself she has to have Gaz's help when Jonny and Janet go missing on their wedding day. They eventually get back together again after Gaz is involved in a road accident, when she finally admits that she loves him. She proposes to Gaz at the end of Series 6, after rejecting his earlier proposal to her, and they finally marry in Series 7. Donna works at the Archer after taking over the manager's position from Tim Claypole, but seeking to move onwards, finally gets a job in London, leaves Gaz and reveals she has met a man called 'Wesley', with whom she returns in Series 8. At the end of the series, however, Gaz chooses to be with Donna over Janet. The ninth series sees Donna stuggling to adapt to her new life without Janet and Louise and looking after Gaz. In the series finale after Gaz realises after celeberating his 30th birthday that he has never left Runcorn he decides to travel the world with Donna but after finding out she may have cancer she tells Gaz she wont be coming with him but doesnt tell him the reason why. Gaz then says an emotional farewell to Donna at the aiport before leaving to start his new life.