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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Cassie Claypole
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Actor Georgia Henshaw
First Nil By Muff
Last This Is Your Life

Cassie's a trouble-maker. More than that, in fact; she's only just been released from a Young Offenders' Institution. She's Tim's sister, and although he'd rather like it if she left The Archer, her old school crush, Billy, is a regular, so there's no way she's going anywhere. Cassie is a sarcastic character and is often cruel to her brother and everyone around her, yet if the love of her life Billy pays her a shred of a compliment, she turns into screaming girl. She uses dozens of attempts to impress Billy, such as dressing up as Lady Gaga, which is an epic fail and doing what Gaz says because he can get Billy to "shag" her. In episode 4, she goes on a date with Billy which is unsuccesful. She then realises Billy likes to be bossed about, they then begin a relationship. In the final episode Cassie's ex boyfriend turns up at The Archer with Cassie having to choose who to be with. to go back to her ex and her bad way or to stay with Billie and start a new life. Cassie ends up choosing Billie.