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Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps character
Billy McCormack
Gender Male
Job Carer
Actor Freddie Hogan
First Nil By Muff
Last This Is Your Life

Metrosexual] scouser Billy is dying to be a professional footballer - but in the meantime, he's a carer, and a rather enthusiastic one at that, and can always be seen saying "Alright babe". Billy is very open about his feelings and starts off in the show as a carer for the newly wheelchair-using Gaz, and just wants Gaz to like him, but then Billy says thinks such as "suck my cock" and it doesn't impress Gaz. He proves himself to be a hero and loyal friend to Gaz and Donna when their flat is burnt down and he saves them and Gaz's wheelchair, affirming a solid friendship with them. Gaz tries to repay him by getting him a chance to be a footballer, but Billy just gets "pissed" instead. Billie later falls for Cassie and they start a relationship which is almost ended in the final episode when Cassie has to choose between him and her Ex.