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Angry Wangry
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 19 March 2001
Written by Susan Nickson
Directed by Gareth Carrivick
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Bone With The Wind

Janet wants to become demure and educated and decides to try to become a student; she is invited to read at a poetry meeting by Cameron, a student friend of Louise. Jonny is totally against the idea but Janet tries to do everything she can to impress Cameron. However, her reading doesn’t go down well with the audience, so Jonny speaks out in her defence, to the appreciation of the audience. Donna vows to be less angry after criticism from Flo. Gaz feels that he is no longer attractive to women any more and goes on the pull only to be caught by Donna. Jonny is chatted up by two women and tries to get them to go away but they like his hard-to-get attitude and offer to ‘lez up’. Jonny gives them the cold shoulder and goes home to watch ER. Donna catches Gaz sniffing Flo’s hair but does nothing because she is trying to be calm. She finally loses patience and pushes Gaz in the canal at the end of the episode.